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Pearson and ASCD are pleased to announce Principal Compass™—the only leadership program that directly connects what happens in the principal's office to success in the classroom.

What are the competencies of effective school leadership? Find out about the launch of Principal Compass™ at ASCD's Annual Conference & Exhibit Show March 24–26, 2012 Pennsylvania Convention Center

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The New Online Platform to Offer Robert Marzano's Research-based Framework for Professional Growth of 21st Century K–12 Educators

Dr. Marzano

Dr. Robert Marzano

Connect Teacher Effectiveness to Leader Effectiveness

  • 50+ online modules build the competencies of highly effective school leaders.
  • Aligned to the 5 domains and 24 categories of Dr. Robert Marzano's evidence-based rubric.
  • 24/7 online access provides flexibility.
  • School-based case studies provide the authentic voice of the practitioner.
  • Problem-based approach encourages immediate application in the school.
  • On-site coaching and team development meet principals and teams where the issues occur—in the school building.

Principal Compass™ Program Highlights

  • Benchmarks principals and their teams' self-assessment data against that of more than 300 high-performing principals
  • Headlines authors such as Robert Marzano, Michael Fullan, Rick Stiggins, Jon Saphier, and numerous principal practitioners
  • Integrates more than 3,000 classroom and practitioner videos to help develop high-performing teams

How Principal Compass™ Works
to Build the Competencies of Effective School Leadership

Using the same underlying technology that drives Teacher Compass™, Principal Compass™ offers a complete system to build the competencies of effective school leadership.